Early on a Tuesday morning

This morning, I gave one of our former guest services ladies a ride to the hospital.  She’s having much needed back surgery and needed to be there very early.  It was nice that she felt she could reach out to us for help after many years.

After I got her safely to the hospital, I drove through a fast food restaurant to get breakfast.  One of our current guests was at the window and handed me my breakfast.  She gave me a dazzling smile and a big greeting.  It was really sweet to see her working hard and obviously proud of what she is doing.

Before 8am this morning, I got to see two of our Mission programs in action:  our “safety net” where we try to become a Christian family to our former guests so they can call on us if they need us, and our Work Search/Accountability program.  The people who come to us are capable and full of life to give to others.  The Mission enables them to contribute to the best of their ability!

Jean Lockhart Chief Operating Officer