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Avenues for Hope

December 12 to December 31


December 12
December 31


Avenues for Hope
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Sleeping next to a dumpster to survive the night is not something most people expect to have to do in their lifetime. Marcus didn’t either but struggling with an addiction to meth led to losing everything in a divorce, including custody of his sons. After 15 years of marriage, all he was left with was 2 bags of clothes. For almost a year, Marcus was homeless. He would occasionally stay with friends or extended family, but after wearing out his welcome, he was right back on the streets again. “I’ve slept next to dumpsters, under trees, down by the river, and in church parking lots. Those weren’t my proudest moments, but I just kind of did what I had to, you know.” Sometimes he would go 3 days at a time without food.

One day, a friend told Marcus about the Mission. “Before then, I’d never even known the Mission existed. I knew there was a homeless shelter, but I didn’t know where it was, what it was about, or anything.” After serving a brief sentence in jail, Marcus was dropped off at the River of Life Men’s shelter. “The first person I met was Justin, a case manager at the Mission, and he was so ready to help. He was like, ‘We understand, you know, we see where you’re at. You do your part for us; we’ll do our part for you.’ They care here. This isn’t only a place to get off the streets for a few nights, they really care if you succeed.”

Fast forward 1 ½ years later, and you can find Marcus living in his own apartment, sober, and working a job at a manufacturing company where he has recently been promoted to a managerial role for his consistent hard work and dedication. Most importantly, Marcus now has full custody of his boys, and they live with him in his apartment. “I spend time every day, as much as possible, with my boys. I missed almost two years of their lives, and they didn’t deserve that. Now, we have an amazing relationship.” He enjoys taking them to do things outside, like hiking or attending events at Ann Morrison Park.

With the guidance and stability he found at the Rescue Mission, Marcus has been able to turn his life around. He says that without it, he may have given up on life. “If I would have stayed on the path that I was on, being homeless and living on the streets, I would have probably just sunk back into drugs or ended up back in jail and given up.”

Your donation of any amount truly enables us to provide the food and shelter that can make such a difference in someone’s life. Thank you for bringing more hurting people off the street and into a new life!

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