jefferey-and-girl-front-page-webThere is this incredible moment at the end of each of our New Life Program (NLP) graduations when Rev. Bill Roscoe, BRMM President, invites the family and friends of the graduates to come forward to stand with them.

In the minutes that follow, a beautiful picture begins to develop of how far reaching the impact of your generosity truly is. The graduates that you have helped through the New Life Program are parents and grandparents, sons and daughters, friends and co-workers. What starts as just a few people in front of the stage quickly multiplies to what I can only describe as a joyful mass of people filled with excitement for the future.

In May 2014, Jeffry was one of those NLP graduates. He had come to our Lighthouse Rescue Mission a year and a half earlier, sick, addicted to drugs, and, as he says, he was angry!

He tells me, “I used to be mean all the time to everyone. Mean and angry! I was in gangs and using drugs and angry at everyone, including God, for all the bad things that happened to me in my life.  The drugs were making me physically sick and crazy in my head, and I was a terrible person.”

But Jeffry is not the person he used to be!  “It’s true! I’m Not Who I Was is my favorite song. It reminds me of how far I have come and to keep moving forward. I’m not the same as I was.”

We talked to Jeffry in March of 2014,  and you can read the details of his story on our website at BoiseRM.org/march-2014-newsletter, but today we want to tell you that, when you touched Jeffry’s life, it was the beginning of something so much more than just freedom from addiction.

Jeffry has become an invaluable friend and employee at The Rescue Mission Thrift Store since it opened last year. Last week, he celebrated his fourth year free from drug addiction. And he realized another dream of his last month when he went on a mission trip to Ecuador.

“The staff at the Mission and my pastor were asking me the question, ‘How can you help somebody now?’ So a year ago, I decided this is the way I can help someone else, to sponsor a child with Compassion International. I have been sponsoring Mileidy ever since then, and I got to meet her on my trip to Ecuador.”

Jeffry says, “It is important because I want to make sure she has food in her house, medical care, and is able to go to school. And I want to help her to know God. I have so much love for her, I can’t describe what meeting her was like.

“God gave me a chance to redeem myself; another chance to show people how God’s love can work in their lives too. Many people don’t realize that He gave His life for us. He did that so we can have a better life; a future and a hope. When I came to the Mission, I found out that is what He did for me.”