I Never Had The Chance to Say Thank You!

“I never got a chance to say thank you for helping me get back on my feet.”

We just may never know the influence we may have on those who come seeking our services. However, it is especially encouraging to hear the progress that one has made in his or life after having been with us.

Case in point is Tom*. Tom came to our shelter for the first time in January of 2014 with very little in the way of possessions. He expressed interest in our work program and was accepted. During his 5 months stay with us, we were able to help Tom connect with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, “a state-federal program whose goal is to assist people with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.” He received assistance in the way of  funds to get his driver’s license and a voucher to get glasses/contacts. Tom’s goal? To drive trucks. By the end of Tom’s stay with us, he had been accepted by a reputable company to attend their out-of-state truck driving school. Tom left us for this school the first part of July, 2014.

Fast forward to January 2017, nearly 3 years after Tom first came to us. Tom just sent an email to us letting us know what has been transpiring in his life since his departure from us. He wrote about the period in his life before coming to us. He said, “It was a dark time in my life after having $13,000 stolen in Thailand, and then being deported back to nothing in United States.” But, he said,  the Rescue Mission was here to be that light; that beacon of hope for him during that time of darkness.

He went on to say, “I read many times that going from homeless and broke to being normal again was on the verge of being impossible, but I did it and now I’m back where I started. I am using my degree and teaching at a dramatic arts college in Thailand. He will soon be married to his Thai girlfriend who is an accountant for the college.

Tom concluded his email by saying, “Thank you for all you did. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys.”

And we, as a ministry, would not be here if it wasn’t for our donors. We thank God for His provision, through our donors, to make sure we have everything we need to help the “Tom’s” who come through our doors.

Chris Ellison
Director, Lighthouse Rescue Mission