We have some exciting news to share with you. Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has acquired a former assisted living facility at 1777 S. Curtis Road in Boise to increase the number of transitional living units that it operates in the Treasure Valley.

The new facility will be called “Sonrise Manor: A Transitional Christian Community” to symbolize the dawn for formerly homeless residents seeking a fresh beginning toward independent living. The facility will begin receiving residents sometime after the New Year.

The Rescue Mission has operated its current Transitional Living Program for over 20 years. It has been a great success in providing safe, stable, and supportive housing for people transitioning from homelessness to independent living.

Currently, the Mission provides 57 independent living units in Boise and Nampa for transitional living. The new facility will significantly expand the Program with about 60 new living units. The greatest need for new facilities in the Treasure Valley is for this type of supportive, transitional housing, and we are growing our program to help meet that need.

As you know, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries also operates four shelter facilities that provide a variety of programs and services to people in need (including food, shelter, clothing, job search, and case management), all designed to assist people in recovering from homelessness.

We know that people can recover from homelessness. Because of your support and prayers, we see it every day. Hundreds of homeless and hopeless people come to us every year. From broken lives and broken spirits, we help them get through their crisis. Then, in time, when they are ready to move on, we help them return to a life of housing stability.

For many people, the Transitional Living Program provides a supportive place to live while working toward their own safe and stable housing situation. Sometimes they need to establish a work history, develop a resume, earn money to pay off debts, or clean up their credit history. Whatever they might need, the Transitional Living Program provides the environment to help those people accomplish their goals.

The Mission is seeking donations for the purchase and renovation of Sonrise Manor and its ongoing operations. We deeply value your support and prayers as we continue to remodel and raise funds.

If you would like to donate to this project, please visit