What a great Sunday it was!

I was serving coffee and donuts at my church’s coffee bar Sunday and one of our former City Light guests came in with a big smile. She was with a girl who had been in our Kids Program at the Mission; quiet, very sweet.

Years after this girl and her family moved out of the Mission, she is still coming to church and still connected to our programs. Sunday, her Mom, Dad and little brother were with her and I can’t tell you the blessing it was to see them all there together.

I asked her about her summer, school starting back up, and what grade she was going into?

My next favorite question: “Where are you going to college? Without missing a beat:

At that point she and her father began a good-natured argument about her choice of schools – he wanted her to attend a different one.

We talked for a few more minutes, then they went into service, and I had to turn and pretend to wash coffee pots because I was starting to choke up.

For years, our Kids Program has worked to instill a love of school in the kids we serve, and convince them that they really can go to college. So many of our Mission kids have come in thinking college was out of reach for them and they didn’t have a chance. Now they are arguing about which one to attend. As more and more of them graduate from high school and attend college and trade schools, it really is the fulfillment of a dream.

To God be the Glory – what a great Sunday it was!!

Jean Lockhart
Chief Operating Officer