How Meals Change Lives

Over the past 6 decades, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has continued to refine and improve how we engage with people in Boise and Nampa who are struggling with homelessness, poverty, and addiction. Our goal is always to provide genuine and lasting help with love and kindness.

Offering meals continues to be the most effective way to begin a process of transformation. Men, women, and children experiencing homelessness successfully create lasting change in their lives here at the Rescue Mission. The meals we serve are never a “hand out,” but always offer love, relationship, and genuine help. Last year, the Rescue Mission helped over 300 people in the Treasure Valley transition from homelessness to independence. The meals your gift will provide are often the beginning point.

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Christ-centered support and tools help people overcome addiction and lead to a new way of living.

Safe Shelter

A safe place to sleep gives people a place to begin healing.


After serving our country, many veterans have trouble acclimating to civilian life. Focusing on taking care of more than just physical needs helps restore the lives of chronically homeless veterans across the Treasure Valley.


Job skills, résumé training, and interview practice helps people put their best foot forward to get the right job so they can save up for an apartment or house.


The best addiction recovery program, the best job-training classes, and the most experienced staff means nothing if it's not centered in God and His Son. Guests learn about Jesus, His love for them, and how He is working in their lives.


Having a good, hot meal in our dining room shows someone that they can stop focusing on survival and instead have hope that they can thrive tomorrow.


Classes focused on life skills like budgeting and parenting give men and women the tools they need to be successful long term as they start a new life.

Transitional housing

Transitional housing helps previously homeless individuals begin to live independently while still having support as they transition into a self-supported life.


For someone who is homeless and hungry, a healthy meal served in our dining room is the first step towards hope.

Meals Give Meals

How Meals Change Lives

Byron is in his late 50s, and has done drugs since he was 11 years old. He was on amphetamines by the time he was 14. He was shooting meth by the time he was 21. Byron didn't have strong parental influences, so the only thing he learned was to follow the wrong path.

In spite of the drug use, he worked steadily, hanging drywall—but he'd turn his paycheck into drugs every week. And he lived like this for 20 years! He fell in love and married a good woman, and tried to quit the booze and the drugs. In fact, he stayed off meth for 13 years!

But Byron couldn't stay away from the alcohol.

His drinking took him down. Byron says, "I became abusive towards my wife and she had me removed with a protection order." Less than a month later, he was back on meth. "It was like I'd never quit."

Then everything spun out of control. He ended up in trouble with the law and in jail.

But Byron was desperate to change his life. So, when he was released from jail, he walked over to our River of Life building in nothing but a tank top, shorts, flip flops and a light jacket.

"I had no food, no nothing. Nothing at all."

Like so many others, he came to us for food but found so much more.

And today, his life is changed!

"I'm in the New Life Program that's teaching me a new way to live and giving me the tools to battle addiction. I don't want to use anymore." That's the power of God at work through our New Life Discipleship Recovery Program.

But we can't change lives like Byron's without your help.

Lives are changed here at the Rescue Mission, and it almost always starts with a meal. Just like the meals you can provide for $2.09 today!

Together we can make a difference in the Treasure Valley.

Each $2.09 you give provides a hot meal served with kindness that can open the door to life-changing relationships and real, lasting help.


Why it Works

Meals are only the beginning of a path to change. Byron’s story is a great example of how hurting people come for food and shelter, but find the help they need to transform their lives. “Homeless to Hired” often begins with a meal.

  1. A nourishing meal invites people to come in off the street and meets their immediate needs.
  2. Meals served with warmth and welcome build relationships.
  3. As relationships deepen, we offer the hope of a changed life.
  4. Our Christ-centered ministry and programs provide the necessary tools to become successful, self-sufficient members of our community.

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President and CEO Rev. Bill Roscoe shares the vision behind Mission: Light Our Valley.

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