The Idaho Alliance for Ukrainian Refugees and Immigrants is looking for volunteers with expertise and knowledge in several strategic areas.

More information:

  • The refugees are coming to the USA and some to Idaho to escape the death and destruction of the brutal, unprovoked attack on their homeland by Russia. Most are coming to the Ukrainian Welcome Center with only a suitcase.
  • The refugees are not all Christian, though the majority identify with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Like our “regular” guests, we will welcome people of all faiths and people of no faith. There will be Christian prayer meetings, chapel services, and Bible studies conducted for the Refugee Guests, and the people we are aligned with who will operate the program for the Refugees are ALL born-again Christians.
  • The Alliance is an Idaho non-profit organization and the leaders are all formerly Ukrainian Russian citizens, made refugees when they were ordered out of Russia because of their Christian faith decades ago.
  • There is NO government money being used by the Mission for this program. The cost to the Rescue Mission are costs that we would naturally incur to serve Guests at the Mission. All costs for the programs offered to the Refugees will be covered by the Alliance. The Rescue Mission will not be obligated in any way to any government agency for this ministry. We will, as always, follow the established laws governing our ministry.
  • This new ministry is completely aligned with the Mission and Vision statement of the Boise Rescue Mission:
    Boise Rescue Mission Ministries reaches out to the community by teaching the Word of God and providing food, shelter, clothing, and opportunities to recover from homelessness to men, women, and custodial children in need.  
    Our vision is to ensure that every homeless or hungry man, woman, or child in the Treasure Valley is offered the help that they need to become healthy, contributing and godly people.
    Restoring faith, hope, and family across the Treasure Valley since 1958.