The Urgent Need

On Tuesday, January 21st of this year, Anna had a heart attack in our Recovery Lodge shelter. Because it happened while she was at the Recovery Lodge, our medical respite shelter, she received immediate care, and was stable in the hospital in under 6 minutes. Due to her heart condition, this is the second heart attack she’s had while staying at the Recovery Lodge. Praise God she was able to receive immediate care, and is here today to share her story.

Anna’s story highlights the urgent need for the Mission to open a post-acute shelter, Recovery Lodge, in the Treasure Valley. We opened this new shelter in August 2019 for those who are too ill or frail to recover from surgery, life-threatening illness, or injury in a normal shelter environment, but, at the same time, are too well to remain hospitalized.

In the past few months, the Mission has served 31 individuals at Recovery Lodge, an average of 17 people every day. Guests have stayed in the facility, on average, for 51 days. In total, we have provided 3,941 meals during their stay.

Additionally, Doctor Cate Heil, from the Idaho Residency Program, is donating her time, 2 half-days every week, visiting our guests and ensuring their quality care.

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