rescue mission recovery lodge in Nampa, Idaho

In October 2018, the Mission purchased the 6,000 sq. ft. building immediately adjacent to Mission-owned Valley Women and Children’s Shelter in Nampa to meet the urgent need in our community. As a former assisted living facility, it was uniquely suited to serve medically fragile guests. The Recovery Lodge officially opened its doors in August 2019. It can serve up to 45 homeless individuals with medical needs at a time.

an urgent need

Elean and Henry’s experience demonstrates just one example of the special attention and care received. Furthermore, these Rescue Mission guests need this additional care because of temporary health concerns.

One of the Recovery Lodge’s distinct purposes is to provide wrap-around support services to homeless individuals with medical needs. We found that their needs can’t be effectively addressed in the normal emergency shelter environment. Recovery Lodge case managers coordinate care through partnerships with healthcare providers and community agencies, helping guests regain their health. Our goal is to successfully transition those living here out of the Recovery Lodge into other appropriate housing.

This kind of care helps guests navigate complex health systems, maintain ongoing relationships with medical providers, and coordinate transportation to and from appointments and support services. It provides the personalized support needed to stay on track with their individual care plans and lowers their chances of returning to the hospital.

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