ways to give to boise rescue mission ministries

Boise Rescue Mission Ministries invites you to partner with us to serve our homeless and hungry neighbors. They are men, women, and children across the Treasure Valley. Are you looking to fill a specific need at the Mission, this is where to donate? Are you simply interested in donating to a non-profit in the Boise and Nampa area? We welcome donations of all kinds.

where & how to donate money

You may donate any amount you choose. Here are some specific amounts and how they help:

  • Provide food, shelter, clothing, and case management to 20 people = $1,033.80
  • Provide food, shelter, clothing, and case management to 7 people = $361.83
  • Provide food, shelter, clothing, and case management to 4 people = $206.76
  • Provide food, shelter, clothing, and case management to 2 people = $103.38
  • Provide food, shelter, clothing, and case management to 1 person = $51.69

(Every day we serve nearly 1,000 meals and provide safe overnight shelter to hundreds from our community!) Your donation goes toward more than just a bed for our homeless neighbors to sleep in, and a warm meal for them to eat, but also includes case management, job search help, a clean shower, clothing, and the priceless potential of finding new life through an encounter with Christ.

Wondering where to donate? All donations to us can be directed toward general funds or a specific facility or ministry.


Join our Bread for Life Monthly Donor Circle

Where to Donate

What does it mean to join the Bread for Life Donor Circle? You make sure the Mission has a consistent monthly income. This allows us to continue serving those in need and lower our administrative costs. This friendship is especially important during the summer months when donations decrease.

Want to join Bread for Life and find out where to donate? Simply follow the link below to set up your monthly donation. If you prefer to donate by mail or direct deposit, please contact Joyce at 208-343-2389 or email [email protected].


Join the Legacy Circle

Plan a gift that will change lives! You can be an important part of the Missions’ future. Include a charitable gift in your overall estate or financial plans.

Start Here to Join the Legacy Circle

Charitable opportunities include:

  • Wills and bequests
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts of retirement assets
  • Deferred charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts of real estate
  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Gifts of appreciated stock/assets

For more information, call Bill Seale at 208-343-2389 or email [email protected].

Donate Stock

Did you know that a direct transfer of appreciated stock is a good way to make a gift to the Mission? There are very favorable tax rules for donors who want to donate long-term stock that has appreciated. You avoid paying capital gains taxes on the stock. You may also be able to take a charitable deduction for its present market value. Please see IRS Publication 526 for more tax information on Charitable Contributions. You can also speak with your broker about gifts of appreciated assets.

Giving Property That Has Depreciated in Value

Do you have stock or other property that has decreased in value? You will normally save more in taxes by selling it and giving the sale proceeds to the Mission. Then you may be able to claim a capital loss on your tax return. You can also deduct the cash proceeds you give as a charitable gift. This can result in tax deductions that amount to more than the current value of the asset. Tax deduction for gifts of depreciated property will be based on the current value. It is not based on what you originally paid for it.

How to Make a Stock Donation

Would you like to donate stock? Please contact Betsy Tewalt, Business Manager, at 208-343-2389 or by email at [email protected]. Please give her the following information:

  • Your intent to make a gift to the Mission
  • Your full name, address, and telephone number
  • The estimated transfer date
  • The name of your securities firm
  • The name and contact information of your broker
  • The intended purpose of your gift

Electronic Transfer

Securities should be transferred to the following:

UBS Financial Services
DTC 0221

A/C Name: Boise Rescue Mission
A/C Number: 8B09990

Our UBS Contact: Mike Treinen

Email[email protected]
Address1161 West River St Suite 340
Boise, ID 83702

Once your stock gift is processed, a tax receipt will be mailed out stating the name of the stock, the number of shares, and the date it was received by Boise Rescue Mission. Your tax advisor should determine the value of the gift.

give from your donor advised fund

What is a donor-advised fund? A DAF is a type of giving program administered by a third party. It allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support the Mission easily. Its purpose is to manage charitable donations on behalf of an organization, family, or individual.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards program

Fred Meyer will donate a % of money annually to the Boise Rescue Mission when you link your shopper’s card with Boise Rescue Mission Ministries – at no extra cost to you.

Get Started with Fred Meyer’s Rewards Program!

We always welcome donations of all kinds at Boise Rescue Mission Ministries! Your gift will help to provide food, clothing, shelter, addiction recovery, counseling, and more to homeless and hungry men, women, and children in our community.