Tent City – Is There no Room?

Tent City Boise ID
“This is third world right here, there’s no reason why an American child should have to live like this.”

Dozens of people driving to work, walking downtown, or riding a bike are passing Americana Boulevard, and in the same moment, passing Tent City. This makeshift city is comprised of tarps, lean-to shelters, tents, and trash mixed with an unpleasant smell created by a lack of bathrooms.

Who lives there? Anywhere from 50-110 men, woman and children. One gentleman, a resident, said, “This is third world right here, there’s no reason why an American child should have to live like this.”

This statement was made in September, and we’re now watching snow fall and make itself at home in the valley. With conditions worsening, do these individuals and families really have nowhere to go? Is there no room for homeless men, women and children in Boise?

We Always Have Room – and We Will Make Room

At the Rescue Mission, we don’t turn anyone away because of lack of room. We have warm safe beds, warm meals, and a community of individuals, both guests and staff, who encourage each other and build each other up.

Should tent city go away? That’s a question you can answer. But allow me to paint two pictures for you now. The first contains a crude tent struggling to stay upright, riddled with trash, covered in snow, and inside, an individual trying to stay warm. Maybe it’s a single person, maybe it’s a family with children.

Now let me paint the second picture. A warm welcome from a supportive family, a warm safe building, a warm hearty meal, and an opportunity to pursue freedom from homelessness. As President Bill Roscoe said “we have room to serve many more people….and not only will they find safe, clean shelter, clean clothes and three hot meals at the Mission, but also resources to help them recover from homelessness and help them attain their personal goals.”

We thank you so much for your support – it gives us the ability to offer help to those in need. As you come in contact with individuals sleeping on the street, kindly direct them to the Mission, and we’ll do all we can to help them.